How to Protect your Pets from Parasites

Did you know that over 50 percent of all young puppies will develop an intestinal infection caused by parasites, 80 percent of the adult dog population live with some form of intestinal parasites and up to 100 percent of dogs housed in kennels will suffer from parasites due to closely shared living spaces.

Cats typically have fewer parasites than dogs and the life span of parasites is shorter, approximately two to three years, compared to five to seven years in dogs. In experimental infections of heartworm larvae in cats, the percentage of worms developing into the adult stage is low 0% to 25% compared to in dogs 40% to 90%. (Source:

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ParaClean for Pets is the only all natural approach to not only preventing parasites but also kills all three stages of a parasite (Eggs, Larva & Adults) at the same time.  ParaClean is easy to use with a proprietary blend of Wormood, Cloves & Black Walnut Hulls known to kill over 100 different types of parasites including heartworms, ringworms, whipworms, hookworms, tapeworms & giardia.  Just sprinkle a little ParaClean over your pets wet dog or cat food at each feeding.  It's that easy to protect your pet everyday from deadly Parasites.
Read what others are saying about ParaClean for Pets.

"Our seven year old beagle (Buddy) was sick and having seizures for about a week.  I didn't have the $700.00 - $800.00 that the Vet would have charged me to see him so a friend suggested that I try ParaClean for Pets.  Within a few days Buddy was back to his old self, actually he seems to act young again and he has more energy.  He now grabs his toys and he wants to play like he did when he was a puppy." - D Williams, Laguna Hills, Ca

"My cat Missy hasn't been herself lately, she had been losing weight and her fur is falling out and it's not growing back like it should.  I gave her ParaClean for pets and within days she is eating better and she seems to be getting her fur back." - Lucy Harris, Boca Raton, Fl.

"Our dog was scooting across the carpet two or three times a day.  I was told that it could be worms so I thought I'd give ParaClean for Pets a try.  Within three days he stopped and it actually looks like his fur is coming in thicker." -  Terry Jackson, Chicago, Il

"ParaClean for pets was a god sent for our dog.  She's acting like a puppy again, full of life and energy.  I wish we would have known about ParaClean years ago.  Thank you for this awesome product." - Janet Kelly, Springfield, Il